War and occupation come to the USA


  • Fast paced and exciting multiplayer
  • Experience points system for multiplayer
  • Tons of weaponry and variety


  • Average single player campaign
  • Too many scripted moments


Homefront is a near-future first person shooter set in a weakened America under Korean occupation. It features a single player story and extensive multiplayer modes

While the single player campaign sees you fighting the occupation across small town America. Kaos Studios are trying to make Homefront as emotive an experience as possible, to make players really want to fight the invading force. It's an interesting concept, but the graphics aren't quite up to today's standards: your in-game companions are poorly animated, and unfortunately generic looking which makes it harder to care about them. Homefront's single player campaign is also extremely scripted, with too little player freedom. All in all, Homefront's campaign doesn't live up to expectations - which is a great shame because the multiplayer is a totally different story.

Homefront's multiplayer modes are great fun. The maps are excellent, and the range of weaponry and classes is impressive. As well as the usual range of guns and grenades, there are vehicles and drones you can deploy during battles. The inclusion of RPG-like progression - where experience gets you points that unlock greater abilities - is welcome. The only downside of Homefront's multiplayer is that some of the weapons could be better balanced. The assault rifle, for example, has a great zoom that makes it almost too good, as instant-kill headshots are a breeze! On the other hand the heavy machine guns seem pretty ineffective.

If you're into multiplayer FPS, Homefront is highly recommended as it's a lot of fun. The game is really let down by it's single player campaign, however, which is average at best.

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